2017 Goals

I'm normally a very goal-oriented person but somehow it's already February and I haven't even given it much thought this year. I think going from full-time employment to working for myself has thrown me off a little bit. But it's odd not having anything concrete to work towards. So without further ado here are my goals for this year.


Do at least one overnight trip. This would involve driving somewhere, riding for about 50 km or so, camping, riding back to the car the next day and then driving home. We would pack really light for this so J's back should be able to handle it.

Start riding at least once a week, no matter what the weather. I used to commute all year round so this shouldn't be a problem. Though working from home has turned me into a bit of a wuss. I haven't even been on my bike since getting laid off so the first step here is to go look at the bike and get it into riding shape. Also, the snow. I really want there to be less snow the first time out in four months.


Double my VA income. I just raised my rates and landed a new client. I had a really great January but things fell off a cliff this month. I have some ideas for reaching out to current clients to alert them to skills that they might not be aware that I have that can help them grow their own business and generally take some of the admin stuff off their plates that I know most of them don't enjoy. I'm hoping to be able to implement that starting in March. It requires some research first, of course.

Normally I have a lot of goals in this category but the change in my work situation has put blinders on me. I'm struggling to see how I can do anything on the financial part except get my income up.


This category is pretty wide open. It's basically whatever makes me happy. I spent a lot of years not following my bliss so this year, it's all about the bliss. I have no idea how to measure it though. I will know if I'm not happy, that's for sure! I think it's just about doing more fun things. We've fallen into that sluggish routine of go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv, go to bed, get up and do it all again. Not cool. So my goal here will be to do something fun at least once a month. This can be really simple like go for a walk on a nice weekend day. It just has to be something that isn't work-related or chore-related. Fun for fun's sake!


Post one article per week. Should be doable.

I'll do a quarterly progress update. See you in April!


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