What we drive on the road to financial freedom

Our current vehicle is a 2002 Chevrolet Impala. It was gifted to us for pretty much free. It belonged to the mother of a family friend. When she passed away a couple of years ago our friend inherited the car but decided he wanted something newer and more reliable.

The Pimpala, as another friend likes to refer to it, though I’m not fond of that nickname, is your Classic Old Lady Car. It had all the bells and whistles when it was brand new, like a moon roof (oooh!), heated leather seats (ahhh!) and dual zone climate control (ohhh!). It was only ever serviced at the dealer, faithfully, twice per year. In later years it was only driven to the grocery store and for other short trip errands. I can’t remember what was on the odometer when we got it but it wasn’t much. I don’t even think it had broken 100,000 km yet.

This baby has served us well in our two-ish years of ownership. We live in the downtown core of a very large city so we use it mainly for trips to Costco and to visit family a couple of hours outside of the city, something we do about once a month or so. So it’s still not racking up the mileage very quickly. But it is starting to show more signs of age.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a replacement vehicle. I’m not a car person by any means and neither is J. In fact, I don’t even drive! Which is probably another contributing factor for it not being driven very often. And truthfully we haven’t even really talked about it together so at this point it’s really just me rolling ideas around in my head.

With zero research, I find myself wanting a brand new Hyundai Tucson. Brand new because we plan on driving it into the ground and the idea of brand new is kind of exciting. Hyundai Tucson, as opposed to any other comparable vehicle, because I just like the look of it. A small SUV (cross-over? Yeah, not a car person) because even though the initial plan is to travel the world by bicycle, we need a back-up plan in case J’s back just isn’t up to that task.

The bottom line though is that I think it’s time to start saving, regardless of what kind of vehicle and when. I love the convenience of having a car at our disposal so when The Pimpala gives up the ghost I don’t want to go too long without and I certainly do not want a car payment on our hands.

So what’s the plan? Talk to J. Then go from there. But we will most likely start a car replacement fund before the year is out.

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